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Australian Shepherds

The Aussie's intelligence, playfulness and crazy work drive is what lead us to fall in love with this breed.  After moving to Eastern Oregon, we saw the local cattle ranchers work with their Aussies in close partnership day in and day out.  We saw the breed's unwavering devotion to their humans, and their obedience and loyalty was second to none.  We carefully chose our breeding stock with temperament, beauty and health in mind.  


We breed AKC and ASCA Australian Shepherds that adhere to breed standards and strive to provide puppies suitable for ranch work, the show ring, or simply companionship.  

Our puppies are exposed early on to ranch life and socialized with cats, kids, and other dogs.

We are proud members in good standing with the United States Australian Shepherd Association and Australian Shepherd Club of America.  And in 2021 we were evaluated and recognized by the folks at "Good Dog" as having a responsible breeding program and good health testing practices. 

You can read more about their screening requirements here:

Our breeder profile with Good Dog can be found here:


Johnny Cash "Cash"

Cash is an AKC registered 

blue merle Australian Shepherd who is full of life and eager to please with unwavering devotion to his humans. He is extremely 

intelligent and has been a wonderful farm companion working alongside us with sheep and goats, always in tune with what we need of him and willing to help. 


Cash has a a very plush coat and gorgeous blue eyes

Collie Eye Anomaly (clear)

Degenerative Myelopathy (clear)

Hereditary Cataracts (clear)

Multidrug Resistance 1 (clear)


Jackson is an AKC registered 

blue merle Australian Shepherd and our youngest male. He is a happy go lucky guy that is always looking for an adventure of his own. He settled into ranch life nicely and minds his manners around the livestock. He has much to learn still but already showing great promise and eagerness to learn alongside his buddy Cash. 


Jackson has a beautiful mask that accentuates his piercing blue eyes

DNA tresting on Jackson will be done once he is getting ready to start breeding in 2022



Roxy is a gorgeous AKC red tri female with auburn eyes and a kind disposition 



Roby is a petite framed AKC black tri female with one blue eye and one brown eye 


Rosie is a AKC black tri female with brown eyes and an incredibly sweet ready-to-please personality



Angie is a large framed 

AKC black tri female with gorgeous

sky blue eyes


Zig Zag "Ziggy"

Ziggy is our black tri ASCA registered girl who is a sweet girl and a very attentive mom

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