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Labrador Retrievers

Is there anything better than a happy go lucky lab greeting you at the door after a long day at work, tail wagging and a goofy smile ear to ear?  No, we don't think so!

We breed our AKC Labrador Retrievers with temperament in mind.  As a breed, labs are highly intelligent, easy to train, and even-tempered.  We carefully selected out breeding stock to embody these traits, more so than just looks.  We strive to raise the kind of puppy that will become a lifelong loyal companion for your family. 

In 2021 we were evaluated and recognized by the folks at "Good Dog"

as having a responsible breeding program. 

You can read more about their screening requirements here:


Misha Bear


Misha Bear is an AKC registered yellow Labrador Retriever with a solid build and hunting bloodlines. He is our right hand man for walks in the forest or around the ranch. Misha is confident and outgoing, with excellent recall and a strong nose - often finding his own adventures looking for fox dens and flushing out pheasant in the fields.  


Misha has a large frame and throws gorgeous puppies  


Willie The Kid


Willie is an AKC registered chocolate Labrador Retriever and our youngest member of the pack. He has an easy-going fun personality and loves to be the center of attention. Recently we took him on his first hunt and he proved to have a very soft feel to the mouth.  Retrieving came natural to this

sweet boy.  


Willie is still maturing but is already filing out nicely and has a beautiful chocolate coat




Juchi is an AKC registered 

black Labrador with a petite frame  and sleek shiny coat.  She loves to be loved on and always on alert for a game of fetch or frisbee. She has the highest stamina from all the females and goes for hours if we let her!  Did I mentioned she LOVES to play? 

Juchi had her first litter August 2021 and is an amazing mama



Kona is an AKC registered black lab with a strong nose in the field and tireless energy when she is flushing out pheasant from the tall grass on the ranch.  


Liza is an AKC registered 

chocolate Labrador with a large frame  beautiful thick coat.  She has a very calm disposition and the family favorite always down for a game of fetch 


Ellie is our beautiful AKC registered yellow lab with a mid-size frame.  She is a wonderful attentive dam her to pups and loves to go on hikes with us in the morning around the property.

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